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Victoria Halls, North End Road

Development of student residential accommodation, with 450 beds.  50% of the accommodation was manufactured off-site and 50% as traditional build

Image © Benedict Luxmoore

The Vision

To create a student residential area in Wembley, for students attending many of the London and surrounding area institutions. 

Our Role

We were originally appointed by the client to perform due diligence on the development, to compile the development agreement and to assist in managing any risk on the scheme.

We were later retained to act on behalf of the client as development manager and monitor. As part of our role in managing risks, we brought in and managed a specialist façade engineer to ensure that installation quality was maintained throughout the building process.

During the fit-out stages of the project, we undertook weekly progress reviews to report back to the client, to alert them of any concerns we had on contract completion dates. This was extremely beneficial to monitor progress and fit-out quality.

Key Information

Westbrook Partners
23,000 sq/m – 450 Bedrooms
Wembley, London
O’Connell East (main); CZWG (planning)
Development Manager & Monitor:
Buro Four

Special Mention

The development's central core extends to 22 storeys.  One of the three wings, comprising the modules manufactured off site stands at 17 storey, the second tallest modular building in the UK.

All of the pods manufactured off-site were installed measuring an impressive 16 meters long and up to 3.8 meters wide.  The development reached code 3 under the code for sustainable homes.