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The creation of a Smarter Working Policy to alow the Council to achieve an ambitious programme of office rationalisation to help drive down their annual operating costs. The subsequent fit out of Westgate House, the first project to come out of the rationalisation.

The Vision

To increase efficiencies in the way the town centre offices are occupied and managed in order to realise operational benefits and cost savings for the Council in the short, medium and long term. By adopting a Smarter Way of working and a common approach to the operation of their offices, the Council are looking to reduce their accommodation requirements from 11 buildings to four.

Our Role

Our role in the development of the Smarter Working Policy (SWP), has involved us in identifying a number of user profiles including fixed, mobile, field and home workers. These different profiles will require support in different ways and the Smarter working policy sets out the framework for how this support is to be provided. The Policy document explains how staff will work in the future in order to be more flexible and increase the occupancy of the offices.

In addition to the SWP, we are also managing the development of a Corporate Standards document. This ‘design guide’ sets out how the buildings will be designed in order to support the Smarter Ways of working. It would focus on providing a variety of work settings for staff to utilise, allowing them to move away from their desks for different task. This flexible approach helps increase the staff to desk ratio, improving the overall occupancy of the buildings.

Buro Four have also been appointed to undertake the fit out of one of the four buildings, Westgate House, utilising the new Corporate Standards. This fit out will be a test bed or the new standards and will allow staff to trial the SWP in practice, allowing any modifications to be made before the remainder of the staff are relocated to the other three site.

Key Information

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