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Band on the Wall

The Vision

The Band on the Wall Mission Statement is "To enrich people's lives by enabling them to access, enjoy and participate in the best music from many cultures in a stimulating, social environment. To provide an integrated enducation programme, developing as a centre for creative music making for people of all ages but including specific programmes for young people, and to fill identifiabke gaps in provision in Greater Manchester, including in music technology and multimedia with a music emphasis."

This project will increase capacity at Band on the Wall, whilst providing office, rehearsal and education spaces and as well as overnight accommodation.

Our Role

Project Management of the restoration and extension of the derelict Cocozza building which sits behind the existing Band on the Wall building to significantly increase capacity in the main venue from 350 to 500, upgrade learning facilities and create a smaller, intimate venue on-site which will have a capacity of 80.