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Prefabrication, Modularisation and Innovation

During our recent RESI Roundtable, we discussed how best to capture and maximise the client’s requirements.

As sponsors of this year’s Property Week RESI Conference, we were excited to host a roundtable discussion on one of the hottest topics in the residential sector at the moment - Modular Construction and its ability to unlock the UK’s housing crisis.

Chaired by Director, Russell Doughty, we explored whether off-site construction is indeed a cheaper and faster option for developers, and what the industry needs to do to reap the benefits.

As we know, big names such as Legal & General and Berkeley Group have already committed to constructing some of their units off-site in factories, with others are looking to follow suite. But while the idea has undoubtedly gained momentum, there are still question marks over key viability issues such as cost, construction time and the level of associated risks.

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