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Parking Problems?

Parking remains a constant problem for organisations who are having to deal with a shortfall of spaces, poor parking behaviours and constant complaints from staff and neighbours

Rolls-Royce recently came to us to discuss how we could offer alternatives to solve the problems they were experiencing with parking across their vast Derby and Bristol locations. Rolls-Royce were struggling from a shortfall in parking capacity along with parking areas which were in need of repair and upgrade. In addition their current parking allocations had developed over time leading to a range of parking permits and local arrangements in place

Working with their facilities management team to fully understand the detail of the problems and how car parks were used on a daily basis, by employees, contractors and shift workers was key to our ability to help Rolls-Royce.  Following this we recommended a centrally managed and structured approach to allocate parking.

The key areas in which we were able to help Rolls Royce consisted of:

  • Working with the FM team to develop a consistent and robust policy for parking across all locations
  • Implementation of a physical works programme to improve car park standards and layouts across the sites
  • Development of fair and consistent criteria to be used to allocate parking to those individuals who need it most based on their business and personal needs.
  • Development of an online parking registration form to capture everyone’s details and car registrations and allocate parking based on scoring against the criteria
  • Development of a communications plan to support the implementation of the new scheme
  • Development of a car park management database to help manage and track parking on a day to day basis with quick ‘look up’ for vehicle registrations enabling rapid driver contact
  • Introduction of a central team to centrally manage parking on a day to day basis 

The development a policy and scheme of this nature involves working closely with key stakeholders from within the business at all levels including HR, Communications and Property representatives.  Car Parking issues can be underestimated but can not be.

This approach has been used with another long standing client - Vodafone at their Headquarters site in Newbury.