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NLA WORK Roundtable

We recently took part in the NLA working group discussion, aimed at informing the next Insight Study that will look at how and where Londoners will work in the future

Image © Charles Russell Speechley

The very nature of the way we work is changing. With new suppliers of workspace growing very fast and new business clusters forming across the capital, what does the future of work in London look like?

What forms of buildings do we need to design for the changing workspace? Why are we not seeing more mixed-use buildings? How do we build flexibility into our buildings and the planning system? Where the opportunities for growth in workspace are and what does that do to the infrastructure of the future?

Later in the year, New London Architecture (NLA) will launch their next Insight Study, 'WORK’, which will look at how and where Londoners will work in the future. To assist in developing the themes of this Insight Study, Buro Four Chairman, Iain Roberts and a number of key individuals were invited to discuss these key lines of enquiry, discuss which topics should be at the forefront in the accompanying events programme, and discuss the Study's outputs.

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